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A Return to Citizen Government


Republican Candidate for The 93rd Legislative District of Pennsylvania


Mike Jones is a true fiscal and social conservative committed to raising the standard of living for all York County residents by restoring the principles of limited government, economic strength, and personal responsibility.

My legislative priorities as your State Representative are based on numerous conversations I’ve had with constituents in the 93rd District. People are tired of the hypocrisy, wasteful spending, and irresponsible practices in Harrisburg. That is why my top top priorities are:

  1. Eliminate Residential School Property Taxes
  2. End Excessive Job Killing Regulations and Institute Meaningful Tort Reform
  3. Promote Vocational Education Crucial to Maintaining a Strong Workforce
  4. Relentlessly Fight to Cut Excess Spending and Restore Fiscal Discipline

In Short, Minimize Government Involvement in Our Personal and Professional Lives


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Government is Too Big and Spends Too Much
— Ronald Reagan

Pennsylvania has one of the most wasteful and expensive state legislatures in the county. 

We have a system where, for the majority of state legislators, this is the best job they will ever have. Thus we end up with career politicians and too many legislators spending their time and energy protecting their jobs rather than doing their jobs.  This is never how it was intended to be.  It’s unacceptable and it's time for it to change.

So what exactly do we mean when we say Pennsylvania must Return to Citizen Government …

  1. We need to return to a part time legislature like those employed in 40 states.
  2. We need to finally get serious about term limits. Mike has a plan to do this.
  3. We need more transparency relative to gifts legislators receive from lobbyists.
  4. We need to eliminate pensions for new legislators. 

In short ,the job of State Legislator needs to be less of a career and more of a civil service. And Mike is already leading by example...

  1. Mike has signed a pledge not to take a pension.
  2. Mike will not accept government per diems.
  3. Mike will refuse personal gifts from lobbyists.

Key Positions

return to citizen government 

Pennsylvania's culture of career politicians has created one of the most wasteful, expensive legislatures in the country. It is time to end their expensive practices that cost hard-working taxpayers millions of dollars. Mike Jones is leading by example by pledging not to take a pension or per diems, vigorously supporting term limits, and  refusing personal gifts from lobbyists. 


Healthy businesses create jobs and grow the economy, but for years leaders in Harrisburg have been adding regulations and taxes that restrict job creation, while failing to pass meaningful tort reform to protect our Pennsylvania companies from frivolous lawsuits. Mike is committed to pro-business policies that will allow our entrepreneurs and business owners to continue investing in our community, providing exceptional jobs for our workers, and improving everyone’s standard of living.  


Pennsylvania's school property tax is an outdated tax that hurts local economies, is oppressive to homeowners, and is unfair to low and middle income families. No government should be allowed to tax you out of your home. Mike will work with colleagues from both parties to eliminate school property taxes and other burdensome tax policies holding back the Commonwealth.


Workforce needs are changing rapidly and we are not adjusting quickly enough. As the pool of skilled craftsmen across all disciplines continues to age, more and more technical expertise departs with each retirement. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on state universities with virtually no accountability on cost control, while what we should be investing in is much needed vocational education at both the high school and trade school levels. Further, parents should have the right to send their children to the schools of their choice, and to have a portion of their tax dollars follow their child.  


The right to life is fundamental to a healthy society. From conception to death, every life has dignity and must be protected. Mike has pledged to protect the right to life and support pro-life policies in Pennsylvania, as well as to promote adoption, quality foster care, and policies which encourage and strengthen families. 


Opioid abuse has cost far too many lives and destroyed far too many families in Pennsylvania, and the numbers are only increasing. This is a crisis, Pennsylvania is ground zero, and now is the time for action. There is much good work being done, and Mike is already working with district attorneys, law enforcement officials, medical practitioners, counseling professionals, and recovering addicts to learn how he can best support the fight, both as a citizen and in his future role as our state representative.

Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.
— Ronald Reagan

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